Paypal charged my credit card twice

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A charge card is a type of paypal charged my credit card twice that charges no interest but requires that you pay the statement balance in full, usually monthly. They have an uncapped spending limit with generous reward benefits for the cardholder, but typically charge a high annual fee.

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why did-paypal-charge-my-credit-card-twice-for-the …

why did-paypal-charge-my-credit-card-twice-for-the-same-transaction

Solved: Credit card charged twice for one payment – PayPal …

28/10/2018  · It only shows up once on my PayPal transactions list, but twice on my credit card in internet banking. I think there has been a technical error? I can’t find a way to contact PayPal, I tried emailing in the message centre but it sends me automatic replies about how to send payments in PayPal which is not currently what I need! Many thanks!

why did-paypal-charge-my-credit-or-debit-card-twice-for …

why did-paypal-charge-my-credit-or-debit-card-twice-for-the-same …

Why has-my-credit-or-debit-card-been-charged-twice – …

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PayPal and credit cards (duplicate transactions) – Quicken

01/09/2020  · I made an online payment and wanted to pay via PayPal, but I didn’t have enough $ in my PayPal account so I followed PayPal’s process for linking it to a credit card, then paid through my credit card. Now, in Quicken Mac after everything’s been downloaded, I see BOTH transactions: -$650 on the PayPal ledger and -$650 on the credit card ledger.

FAQ paypal charged my credit card twice

How do I resolve being charged twice by PayPal?

Re: Charged twice by paypal 1 Log in to your PayPal account at 2 Click ‘Resolution Centre’ near the top of the page. 3 You will have the option of: More …

Why does my credit card show as PayPal but not PayPal?

If you used your credit card to buy things online but did NOT log in and use paypal BUT your seller processed your payment via their Paypal card reader then it would show as paypal on your card statement BUT not show in your paypal account as you paid as a guest buyer. Why not ask your card issuer for more info?

What are the PayPal charges on your last Visa bill?

On my last visa bill there are the following Paypal charges: Paypal *enumber inc for 11.98, Paypal *STUS, for 19,99, Paypal *DRHOTDEAL for 9.19 all on Nov. 30. Then on Dec. 8 Paypa *ENUMBER INC> for 17.97 and Paypal *SHANGHAIYIN for 7.94.

Why am I getting a double charge on my Card?

This double charge can occur when a merchant swipes your card twice, or inputs your card number twice. Sometimes merchants use authorization holds to verify funds and you will see two transactions from the same merchant. The extra charge typically falls off after 5 business days. However, if it does post, I recommend disputing.

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